Checking in…

Wow, I haven’t posted on here in months. But it’s never too late for a good ole blog post, am I right? In the name of 21st century health, I want to post an update on what I’ve been doing diet and fitness wise.

I gained a bit of weight over the past few months. Partly from drinking in excess, and partly from eating whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. Not the best combo. For the first time in my life, I was not satisfied by any means about how I looked in the mirror. My stomach got a little rounder, exercise became a bit harder, and my overall health was taking a turn for the worse.

I made some changes about a month ago, and I could not be happier with the progress I’ve made thus far. I’ve incorporated intermittent fasting into my routine, which is a type of restrictive eating strategy. In short, it’s when you wait until noon to eat, and don’t eat anything after 8PM. So for 16 hours a day, your body is in a “fasting state” during which it can burn fat, digest and absorb nutrients, and generate growth hormone. I paired this with heavy lifting three times per week, and doing kickboxing workouts twice a week.

Bear in mind that intermittent fasting is NOT a diet. And by that I mean that you eat all the same foods, just at different times. At the end of a fast, my body feels light and empty, which are great feelings. It acts as a reminder that we do not need to bombard our bodies with food all the time. The food we do eat provides us with plenty of energy. And the aggressive fat burning is also a plus.

The results have been great — I feel better, more motivated, and feeling myself wanting to do more. I had forgotten how working out acts as a catalyst for the other areas of my life. It’s a healthy habit. Once you see yourself making progress, you’re going to want to improve other areas of your life, quickly. Working out puts you in a forward thinking mindset. Healthy lifestyles are synergistic with career success, and fulfilling relationships. Of course, it takes work; but it’s worth it. Money can’t buy health.

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