Meditation Log 9-10

The more I meditate, my reality becomes simpler. It’s worth mentioning that I DO NOT reach some sort of enlightened or heightened state. Rather, I simply take everything as it is. Every thought, every word, every situation. It is what it is. There is no need for further discussion. It’s beautiful. I have learned not to drown things with my own mental effort. Let it breathe. Don’t even touch it.
That right there is what I am getting out of meditation. I am no longer expecting anything. I take everything that appears to me for exactly what it is. Sometimes things aren’t as deep and philosophical as we deem them to be.
MEDITATION IS LIKE TAKING A GLORIOUS MENTAL POOP. You feel empty after, you have released the beast. The mind becomes too crammed to the point where it overflows and needs to be dumped out. Thoughts pile up on top of each other. They won’t go away.
Through meditation, you will teach yourself how to let go in the healthiest way you could possibly imagine.
For me, there is nothing spiritual about meditation. I am not doing this to make myself happy. I was happy before. Instead I do it for the emptiness in my head. I am more skilled at warding off that white noise in my mind. Learning how to train my mind to be straightforward and to focus. This is meditation. It is what it is.

Please meditate, your mind and body will thank you.

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