Lives Depend on Good Communication During Hurricane Irma

In the midst of Hurricane Irma, I am going to point out a serious strength of our society. Put simply, we communicate, and we do it very well.
It took less than a day after Irma forming in the Atlantic Basin for people to receive news and updates about it so they can begin preparing. There are reporters and meteorologists working around the clock to deliver accurate updates on an hourly basis. What a blessing this is to us. Imagine the technology and equipment it takes to put these reports together. The very lives of Floridians and Caribbean Islanders depend on it. Hurricanes are dangerous and our society is responding by playing as a team.

Meteorologists first had to detect the hurricane, then put together well researched and accurate reports. Reporters then notified millions of people via social media and news. Next, government officials called for a mandatory evacuation resulting in millions of lives saved.

I suppose this post is a thank you to all the people working to save lives and limit the damage. It is also a good luck to my fellow Floridians out there. Be safe.

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