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Lately, I have been very interested in different personality types. My interest spurred after taking the 16Personalities test and always finding myself torn between the answer choices. In all honesty, I find these tests rather perplexing since the whole point is to determine if one is an introvert or extrovert. I’d hesitate when answering questions like, “Would you rather spend the night out partying or home reading a book?” Well, depends on the party or the book, or if there is a more fun third option. But that answer wasn’t offered.


I guess my point is that something as dynamic and complex as someone’s personality cannot be summed up by the titles “introvert” or “extrovert”. The truth is, most people fall somewhere in the middle. Although I hate to slap a label on it, this middle ground is called being an ambivert.


A person who is an ambivert can be viewed as having a more neutral, varied personality type. They have an equal level of comfortability in situations that an extrovert and introvert might enjoy. Put simply, an ambivert finds pleasure engaging in both introverted and extroverted activities. With that said, I think I am an ambivert. I don’t need “time to recharge” from parties and gatherings, and discussion and debate energize me to the fullest extent. I constantly seek thrilling experiences and love meeting new people, while simultaneously enjoying my time spent doing things alone, like reading and writing these articles. I am overly confident, yet also reserved and reclusive.



Why Being Ambiverted is the Best:

Think of being ambiverted as being balanced. It means you fall somewhere in the middle of the personality spectrum. As an ambivert, you have the freedom to find the extroverted and introverted worlds equally satisfying and fulfilling. Ambiverts have enough introversion to critically evaluate the world at their own pace and enough extroversion to confidently express themselves and make an immediate impact on others.


The key for ambiverts is a healthy balance. We crave spontaneity and adventure, and at the same time need structure in our lives to function and perform well. But at the right amounts and in the right context. When I can find the healthy balance between my urge to have fun and experience life and my need to be alone and engage in my own thoughts, this is when I am the most fulfilled. A balanced personality is my favorite personality.



Disclaimer: My 16personalities type is Commander. According to the test, I’m an ENTJ-T. This stands for extroverted, intuitive, thinking, judging, and turbulent. Although I just wrote an entire article against this test, it’s still fun nonetheless!

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